Native ISPF

Manage all your z/OS datasets with git without typing a single git command. Now you can join the cool kids without having to leave your ISPF comfort zone.

Multi DCB Support

With zigi you can manage your FB80's (not related to Facebook), your VB255's and anything in between. It supports PO and PS datasets. It basically does anything that's not VSAM, BDAM, ISAM or RECFM=U. And since v2r0 you can add binaries too!

Packed with features

Create repositories from scratch, add your datasets and OMVS files. Clone a remote repository, do some branching. It's all possible in zigi v2r0. It even has point- and shoot fields in many of the panels :)

Open Source

Fully opensource and looking for contributors Zigi is licensed under the GPL v3. Any issues can be filed at the issue-page at GitHub. On top of that you can use this product free of charge.

Made with love

The first-ever release of zigi was nothing more than a panel and a CLIST that pushed things to GitHub. Henri's open-source project was quickly discovered by Lionel and together they upgraded zigi to a full-fledged ISPF application.


We're not accepting any liability claims for when the use of zigi results in a full-site-failure. Should the use of zigi, however generate joy, increased productivity or any other sort of positive effect, feel free to send us a donation :)


Meet Our Awesome Development Team

If you want to join the development team, just fork the repository, and send a pull-request with your updates. Take a look at the open issues for a place to start.

from rubberband to git

A machine this modern requires modern development tools

Back in the old days all you needed to manage your source code was a sharpie and a rubber band. Nowadays us developers require other tools.

Git has proven to be a versatile source code management tool with the added bonus of providing a straight-forward distribution mechanism.

With zigi you can manage all your Mainframe source codes in a git managed repository straight from within ISPF. You can push & pull to and from remote repositories like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and others.

Start using zigi today!

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